About Leather & Suede

Established in 1969, our collections have stood the test of time and have rightfully earned the title of “family heirloom”.

Today, many craftsmen don’t make them the way they used to…we still do. To truly master anything, requires certain ingredients. Some of the most important ingredients being passion and a relentless pursuit of perfection in a specific craft, spanning multiple decades and constantly seeking ways to improve. Mastery then, is not a destination or a point on a timeline, mastery is the commitment to the journey no matter the obstacles we will be presented with. We have made and lived that commitment. We consider ourselves master leather craftsmen.

Each Leather and Suede piece is still hand crafted and is still made to outlive us all.

Alterations & Repairs

A Leather & Suede piece is built to last, to be passed down through multiple generations. You might not be the same size your grandparents were in the 60’s, you might not like their style but that shouldn’t mean you need to let go of the sentiment.

We can reshape, resize, repair or completely redesign your leather garment. We can’t help you fill their shoes, but we can make the jacket fit.

Bespoke Pieces

Want to be the only one? Recreate a childhood memory? A new design occupying your thoughts? We can help. Let’s see how wild your imagination is. Let’s give your dreams a pulse and bring the vision to life.